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HP TGT & HP TET 2021 Free Test Series on Topic wise For Medical & Non Medical .Most expected questions to be asked in TGT & TET Examination. Attempt the Test and Know How much You are Prepared and How Much More efforts Required. For Detail or Join Live Course Call or W.A 9418162827

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1. In flagella membrane, which enzyme catalysis ATP activity?


2. One turn of the helix in a B-form DNA is approximately


3. Three of the following statements regarding cell organelles are correct, while one is wrong. Which one is wrong?


4. The crystals of calcium carbonate deposit in the cell is called


5. Difference between prokaryote and eukaryote is in


6. In which cell organelles, a lipoprotein covering is absent?


7. Which one of the following is correctly matched?


8. In DNA, which of the following is absent?


9. The non-membranous organelles are


10. Centrosome is not present in


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